Personal Transformation & Professional Performance:



Captain J. B., Golden Gate Ferry, Berkeley, CA - For the past year I have been working with Glen on many issues and am amazed at the quickness and effectiveness of EFT.  I have benefitted in my personal and  professional life, and have had the added benefit of improving my Golf game!…I have been a single digit handicap golfer for many years but having recently taken my golf to a level I have longed to play at for years.  I am routinely shooting at or close to par on difficult golf courses and am very close to setting a personal goal of breaking par.  I also qualified for a tournament in Pebble Beach for the North Coast sectional championships.

C. K., Musician/Composer, El Cerrito, CA - Despite all of my perceived barriers to success, Glen proceeded to knock my socks off with his insight, clarity, precision and humility as we tapped through a range of issues. He was able to reframe my words with such an extraordinary level of understanding – I really felt like for the first time, I was releasing the anger and hurt as a child being heard for the first time. This is big considering I have quite a few people in my life who really have used me all my life, and I now feel released from the burden of the past.

Z. Gladish, Actor/Yoga Instructor, New York, NY - I am so grateful to you Glen for teaching me EFT. I have made more strides in my performances than ever before. Getting over stage fright has been and ongoing goal. With EFT, it only takes me 5 minutes of tapping, and I am calm in front of any audience. You are the best, Thank you."

D. McCaskey, Retired Senior, Alameda, CA - EFT has been a real lifesaver for me.  It has helped me get over anger, relieve fear and anxiety, and has been especially helpful in overcoming blocks that kept me from being successful in my work. I found Glen to be very insightful in our one-on-one sessions helping me find the avenues I needed to release the cause of my problems.  And what a great facilitator in his workshops!  He uses his intuition, humor, and gracious manner to make everyone feel at ease even in the most challenging of circumstances.

J. D., Principal, private school for gifted children, Marin, CA - Thank you for training me to use EFT to heal my past traumas and performance anxiety. I am still amazed at how fast EFT works before a performance to calm me down. Best of all, I am teaching the children how to use EFT for their anger, anxiety and social issues in school with great success.

Stress Management:

M. K., College Student, Los Angeles, CA - I have had a hard time dealing with my stress due to school and work. Glen helped me learn how to use EFT to knock down the level of stress and anxiety I have lived with all my life. I am still amazed every time I do EFT and it takes the anxiety and stress away in such a short amount of time. What can I say is I am a believer in EFT, it really works!

E. D., Set Designer, New York, NY - Glen has changed my life with EFT. I had chronic anxiety since 13 years old. Before meeting Glen, I had tried everything, counseling, medications, and still my anxiety would not leave. Once I started using EFT, my whole life has changed. I am amazed at how easy EFT is to do on myself. I can honestly say EFT works. When I feel anxiety growing, I simply use the steps Glen showed me, and it takes less than 5 minutes, and the anxiety feelings are gone.

Rhonda L., Pet-care services, San Francisco, CA - My first session with Glen a few months ago I was struggling financially, eating out of control, depressed, suicidal, and not sure at all that anyone had the power to help me. The first time we spoke Glen said, "Let's get you some new clients!" Ithought he's got to be kidding in this economy. I now have plenty of work, I eat healthier, I am much happier, and I can barely believe I ever imagined leaving the planet because things were so grim. I am interviewing new clients regularly. I am interviewing another client on Wednesday.


Everything really is okay and getting better. I am beginning to trust someone in a

way I have not in a long while. I could never thank Glen enough for what he's doing for me.

R. Cohn, Writer, Berkeley, CA - I have just completed my first novel which I have wanted to write for many years but only now, at 57 years old, did I have the tools to accomplish this.  The Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT that Glen Dunning taught me was indispensible.  Whenever I would feel stuck about what to write or have feelings that I was wasting my time, I would start the EFT process and somehow, 10 minutes later I would notice that my writing was flowing quickly and easily.  I don't know if I could have completed my book without it.Thanks Glen! 

Physical Pain Management:

P. McNeiley, Business Owner, Marin, CA - I was so thrilled to be able to get such immediate pain relief. In the session with Glen, we worked on many issues that related to my lack of energy, and how that related to the anger/rage I was not expressing, once I cleared that with EFT, I felt a jump in my energy, and a side benefit was a release of pain in my upper back. Thank you so much for helping me release so much, in such a short period of time.

Dr. L. D., MD, Colorado, CO - At first, I was skeptical of EFT. However, once Glen started applying it during our coaching session, I was amazed at how fast it reduced my body pain, helped me eliminate a painful memory, and infused me with an energy boost. This technique is truly remarkable.

T. K, Professional Chef, San Francisco, CA - I have taken many self help classes with limited results. My EFT level one workshop with Glen knocked my socks off. My back pain is gone, and my chronic anxiety has not returned. I plan on taking level 2 as soon as possible.

Emotional Pain Management/PTSD:

A. K, Music Teacher, Pleasanton, CA - Thank you Glen, I have enjoyed healing my past traumatic memories and gaining helpful insights during our EFT sessions.

T. O., Insurance Agent, Penang, Malaysia - Thank you Glen for the EFT work you used to help me heal the deep pain in myself around my family issues.

D. T., R.N., Sacramento, CA - All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you. EFT is the most amazing technique I have ever been witness to. I am especially grateful of your ability to go right at the issue without causing me alarm or having to have old pain brought up. You said the Tearless Trauma Technique would work so I did not have to re-experience my past pain, and you were right. It is gone, and I can't even get myself to cry or be upset about what I was so upset about. You are amazing Glen, thank you.

S. L., Psychiatrist, San Francisco, CA - Glen, I am so happy with the results of our EFT session. I was so astounded at not having the usual reaction to this person in my life after working with you in just one hour. Just being able to be calm within myself while around that person is something I will be thankful for the rest of my life. I was also happy that you said I did not even have to talk about the person, or tell you who they were. Your instructions that all I had to do was guess at the intensity without having to feel the past pain, was, and is a miracle.

B. C., Business Editor, Sunnyvale, CA - I can't thank you enough. Our EFT sessions have changed my life. I am so happy not to be worried about the past traumatic nightmares. Thanks to EFT, they are all gone. I am living proof of the power of this simple and profound therapy.

C. D., Marketing Director, Oakland, CA - I am so amazed that my negative attitude from a past painful situation is gone. I do not know how you did it, but I guess it is like you said Glen, that I did, and EFT helped. Thank you so much for the care and persistence you have shown in helping me help myself.

P. D., Surgical Assistant, Palo Alto, CA - All I can say is Wow! EFT is amazing, and your help in showing me how to use it to heal my past relationship pain is nothing short of a miracle. Thank you Glen for the gift of EFT advanced applications. I am so jazzed about knowing how to get more out of my tapping.

Weight Loss/Health Issue:

M. Cumilla, Political Action Manager, Washington, D.C. - My life has been so positively changed from EFT that as I look back over the last 6 months, I am 360 degrees different, and so much happier with my life. Thank you, Glen and your Institute, for providing such caring service and teaching of EFT.

J. D., Engineer, Berkeley, CA - I am impressed with the EFT work Glen has used to help me heal many of the issues I have not been able to let myself deal with. The technique was so easy to learn and gave me measurable results. I am thankful to know such an easy process.

T. B., CEO & business owner, Mill Valley, CA - EFT has been beneficial to helping me stay on my doctor’s recommended path and not stray off into old habits, which would have slowed my healing process tremendously.

Teenage/Youth Issues:

J.C., College Student, Penang, Malaysia - Learning EFT from Glen was the best and most unique experience. I felt very safe to work on my past negative emotions. Using EFT, Glen helped me clear an old painful experience that I had suppressed, as well as clearing the pain and fear that I never realise its existence. He also assisted me in clearing my fear and other negative emotions about passing the upcoming courses in order to graduate on time and to achieve my goal.

N. P., High School Senior, Mill Valley, CA - EFT has simply made my life much, much easier. With EFT, I was able to learn how to control the world I live in, instead of letting the world I live in control me. I live in a state where stress isn’t a feeling that I encounter on a daily basis. If something upsets me, minutes later I can forget about it and move on with my day. I feel happy and in complete control of my emotions.

There were no longer any feelings of strain or anxiety surrounding me. EFT seemed to have helped me instantly. I was amazed. That was eight months ago and ever since, I have used EFT at any sign of distress, anger, frustration, jealously, resentment, any negative feeling at all. Though I still encounter stressful situations and I get angry and I lose my temper, EFT has greatly limited those bursts of negativity that enter my life. And I couldn’t be more grateful.

It takes less than five minutes and chances are that you’ll end up feeling happy and complete when you’re done.

Using EFT is a decision that can only help you. And that’s exactly what it did for me. EFT has done nothing but positive things for me and I can’t imagine living my life without it.   I don’t think that it is fair for people to have to live in this world without knowing about EFT to help them along the way.


J. L., CFO, San Jose, CA - I had a severe flying phobia for the past 10 years. Being a CFO for a large software company had me needing to fly back and forth from San Jose to New York at least once a month. After 4 sessions with Glen, the phobia was gone. I normally had to be heavily medicated, and today, I have no more fear of flying, no longer need medication to fly, and in fact have fulfilled a life long dream of being a pilot. I started taking flying lessons and have never felt so free. EFT has been a miracle in my life. I can’t thank you enough Glen.

D. K., Librarian, Mt. View, CA - I have had a phobia around driving on the freeway all my life. I tried everything to get over it, years of talk therapy and still no help. After 5 EFT sessions with Glen, the fear is not only gone, but it is as if I never had it. EFT has made me a believer!

D. R., CMT, Berkley, CA - Hi Glen, guess what - I actually bought a car in May 2009 and I have no more fear of driving on the interstate any longer! The EFT was definitely a factor in me getting over that fear. In fact without EFT I would probably still feel overwhelmed by the thought of it. I don't know *how* it works but I recognize results when I see and feel them. Many thanks to you.


D. M., Retired Senior, Mill Valley, CA - I am not sure how to say what has happened, but the intense daily depression I have had for the last 10 years no longer plagues me. EFT has helped me to help myself. Thanks to Glen’s gentle guiding process, I feel my depression has been cut in half. EFT is so mysterious and wonderful, I still do not know how it really works, but the results in my life are very real. Thanks to the Institute for offering this help to the retirement community.

R. N., Elder Caretaker, San Francisco, CA - Learning EFT from the Institute has given me the ability to remove my depression symptoms of the last 20 years. I feel so grateful to Glen for hanging in there with me and keeping me on track to do my EFT tapping. It has really paid off, because today, I no longer have the deep depression that use to keep me in bed for days.

PTSD – Veterans & Family:

R. K., Adjunct Professor, University of Phoenix, Mountain View, CA - I had this traumatic memory from the Vietnam war that I have been living with for over 40 years, and after two sessions, it is gone. I cannot thank you enough Glen, what can I say, you made me a believer in EFT.

Sergeant M. Armstrong, Oxnard, CA - EFT is the most simple, effective way to make it easier to deal with emotionally thorny problems I’ve ever seen. This technique has helped me turn the corner after years of struggling to keep my head above water. To make a long story short, anyone struggling with emotional trauma, stress, physical problems or chronic pain, or relationship difficulties will find, like I did, that tapping eases these burdens immediately and effectively. No bull, give it a chance and see.

E. Armstrong, Oxnard, CA - Since my husband’s return from Iraq, the journey to help him find a solution for his PTSD has been a very long road. After three years of trying many numerous counseling sessions, research, and reading many books together, going to marriage weekend workshops and such, finally it seems that we’ve found our answer—EFT.

The worst of the symptoms he had was his explosive rage. We often refer to it as “going over the cliff.” It is terribly frightening and always has left me at a complete loss in terms of how to help, what to do and how to deal with this. Since the tapping sessions my husband is able to handle everyday situations and conversations in such a positive and calm way. I didn’t think this would ever happen. He has become so much calmer, happier, and is more like the man I fell in love with.

Not only has it helped my husband, but it has also helped me. It has straightened out my wrist, which was very painful every day from being broken several years ago. I might add that it happened in one tapping session. I too am experiencing much more joy and happiness on a more regular basis because of the tapping. Thanks to you Glen, we finally have a hope for a happier and richer marriage. Many, many thanks to you!



"EFT offers great healing benefits."

Deepak Chopra, MD
Author, Founder of
The Chopra Center

"EFT is at the forefront of the new healing movement."

Candace Pert, PhD
Author of
Molecules of Emotion

Cheryl Richardson endorses EFT

"EFT is destined to be a top healing tool for the 21st Century"
Cheryl Richardson
Author of The Unmistakable Touch of Grace

"I frequently use EFT for my patients with great results."

Eric Robins, MD
Co-author of
Your Hands Can Heal you


"I now believe that the most profound transformations can only take place only on an energetic level. I've met many patients who've spent much time and money on talk therapy hoping that intellectual insights will bring emotional freedom, but they're disappointed. As much as I love the linear mind, my approach which I call Energy Psychiatry goes further to also facilitate a conscious rebuilding of subtle energies, the most basic life force in each of us."

- Judith Orloff, MD